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Weight Loss Support Hub

Weight Loss Support Hub

Find key information about your weight loss treatment and links to all our support resources

We understand that starting a new medicine can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve gathered here all the most essential and useful things we think you’ll need to know to get started on your weight loss journey with us. This doesn’t just include helpful advice on your medicine, but also details of our 10-week weight loss programme, which has been designed by our expert Lifestyle Medicine team to help you lose weight healthily and for the long term.

Please also make sure you check your online patient record for your treatment plan, where you’ll find personalised information or specific directions your clinician thinks are important for you to know. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch through your secure account or speak to one of our in-store pharmacists.

Boxes of Wegovy treatments


Wegovy is a weekly self-injected weight loss medicine that can help to regulate your appetite and reduce cravings. If you’ve never used a self-injected pen before, it may sound a bit scary and complicated. In reality though, it’s quite a simple process and with Wegovy, you only need to inject once a week. Watch our video on how to inject Wegovy.

For more information on Wegovy, including FAQs on this medicine, visit our dedicated Wegovy page.

Find out more about possible Wegovy side effects and how to manage them.

Box containing Saxenda pen


Saxenda is a daily self-injected weight loss medicine that works by helping to reduce your appetite and make you feel fuller for longer. You inject Saxenda under the skin using an injection pen once a day at around the same time. It may sound a little daunting if you’ve never injected yourself before but it’s really quite straightforward.

Watch this video on how to use your Saxenda pen.

Useful links:

Box of Orlistat medication

Orlistat / Xenical

Orlistat and Xenical are both weight loss medicines that come in capsule form. Xenical is the branded version of Orlistat. These capsules both work in the same way – by blocking the absorption of some of the fat from your meal. Your body then gets rid of the fat through your stool.

These medicines are best used alongside a lower fat healthy eating plan. Eating less fat at meal times while taking your treatment can help to reduce any potential side effects of the medicine. Please see our ‘Eating when on weight loss medicines’ page for extra tips on losing weight successfully.

Various fruit, vegetables and nuts with person writing on notepad

10-Week Weight Loss Programme

Weight loss isn’t just about taking medicine. To help you get the best results, we’ve put together a 10-week programme designed to maximise healthy, sustainable weight loss. Join our expert team – made up of GPs and nutritionists – to learn more about mindsets, managing cravings, how sleep and everyday stress could affect you, and much more. Get started now.

Webinar Video Preview

Join Our Free Live Webinars

From setting goals to demystifying diets, our team has put together a series of free webinars to give you extra tools for successful weight loss. You can watch these at any time, and as many times as you’d like. Also look out for our live webinars that you can join from wherever you are to have your questions answered by our expert team.



Weight-management medications are best paired with healthy habits—like eating nutrient-rich foods. Backed by nutritional and behavioural science and a supportive community, WeightWatchers helps you make healthier choices for weight loss that lasts. Pay from only £7/month for your first 6-months. Start today.


Use our in-store weighing scales for free to get a reading of your weight and BMI – keeping track of this useful information will help you to monitor your progress. Simply show the barcode we sent through in your weight loss service welcome email.

Find more helpful information and support on understanding weight management, living well and diabetes on the Boots Health Hub.


Consistency is key – 10% off return orders

Weight loss treatment is most effective when used consistently, alongside important lifestyle changes. That’s why we offer 10% off each time you re-order Weight Loss treatment*.

*Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Approved By: Dr Anju Verma - GP and Weight Loss Service Lead

GMC no. 6039302

Dr Anju graduated from Imperial College London in 2002. She is the Clinical Lead for Weight Loss and for Menopause. Dr Anju leads our GP Education and Clinical Service Development. She also works as a locum GP and medical examiner for NW London Hospitals NHS Trust.

Last reviewed on: 17/04/2023