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Period Pain Relief

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Period Pain Relief

Get the treatment you need to help prevent period pain from cramping your style.

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Period pain treatments we offer

Mefenamic Acid tablets

Mefenamic Acid 500mg

(28 Tablets)   


Mefenamic Acid tablets are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers

Naproxen tablets

Naproxen 250mg

(56 Tablets)   


Naproxen tablets are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine painkillers.

Period pain — don’t let it slow you down

Period pain is a common problem for many women in the UK. For some women the experience of discomfort and cramping during their periods can be severe affecting everyday life. The pain from period cramps can also spread around to your back and legs.

If your period pain is severe and treatment is appropriate for you, we can prescribe medicine to help.

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