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10-week weight loss programme

10-week weight loss programme

Our Lifestyle team have put together a 10-week programme to support your weight loss journey.

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What is our 10-week weight loss programme?

Welcome to the Boots online doctor weight loss webinar series. We suggest you take 10 weeks to work through our videos and articles. We’ll help you to understand why weight loss can be tricky and how you can overcome obstacles that may appear. Each week covers a different theme; we give you a video to watch and an article to read. You can put the advice into action each week. It’s not just about food – we’ll walk you through all the factors that affect your weight loss journey, from psychology to snacking, metabolism to motivation. Together we can help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Week 1 – Mindset, Goals, Motivation

Knowing why you want to lose weight has been found to be really important for successful weight loss. Focusing on your weight loss “why” helps you to maintain motivation to lose weight when you hit challenging days or weeks – or when the going gets tough.

Week 2 – Good Food and Eating for weight loss

The second week of this series asks the question, “what should I eat to lose weight?”. Spoiler alert – there’s no one best approach, but there are lots of things we can do to change our relationship with food and the way we build our plates to make weight loss more likely and sustainable. We’ll show you how different types of foods affect both our mood and health, and what we can do to make lasting changes to our weight and well-being.

Week 3 – Cravings

In week three of our programme, we take a look at one of the biggest stumbling blocks to losing weight – cravings. We help you to understand what might be triggering your cravings, and what to do about them. Understanding why you might be craving certain foods and what they do to your body is as important as developing strategies to manage the munchies so that you’re in control.

Week 4 – Drinks and Snacks

In week four we take a look at how certain drinks and snacks can undermine our efforts to lose weight. We’ll show you how to swap unhealthy for healthy options, and how to read labels so that you can spot the hidden ingredients in your food that might be slowing down your progress.

Week 5 – Psychology of Weight Loss

The fifth week of our programme focuses on the psychology of weight loss. We look at why we might have certain eating patterns and how they impact on our self-esteem and motivation. When we aim to lose weight, our motivation can ebb and flow but understanding how our habits affect our choices can help us to change them for the better.

Week 6 – Yo-Yo dieting

In week six we learn what can cause yo-yo dieting, why people often regain the weight they’ve lost, and what we can do to break the cycle. Yo-yo dieting doesn’t just happen because we lose willpower. When we understand how the body responds to losing weight, and why it takes a little while for it to understand what’s the “new normal”, we can help to break the yo-yo dieting cycle for good.

Week 7 – Activity

Week seven is all about getting yourself moving more. There are a huge number of benefits to activity, particularly activities that build muscle: speeding your metabolism up, balancing your blood sugars, and reducing cravings. Being active can also boost your mood, improve the quality of your sleep, and improve your mental health. Taking even small steps to increase your activity level can have a huge impact on how you feel and how you manage your weight.

Week 8 – Sleep For Weight Loss

The eighth week of our course takes a look at sleep and how a good night’s sleep can have a big impact on how we lose weight. We’ll look at how the body copes when it doesn’t get enough quality sleep and what we can do to improve our sleeping habits. A good night’s sleep doesn’t just make you feel great, it helps you lose weight!

Week 9 – Stress

In week nine we explore how stress can affect our body’s ability to lose weight and what we can do about it. We can’t always avoid stress, but we can change how we respond to it and find ways to reduce its impact on our lives. We’ll give you strategies that help you manage stress which can improve your overall health and well-being as well as support healthy weight loss

Week 10 – How to maintain weight loss

In the last week of our programme we talk about maintaining weight loss long term and how you can keep your new habits and lifestyle changes on track. Instead of thinking about diets as something that you start and stop again and again, we show you how turning these changes into lifetime healthy habits has a positive impact on not just your weight but your mood, motivation, and overall health.

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