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Call us: Mon-Sat 8:30AM-6PM, Sun 9AM-2PM 0800 031 8386
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Join our Lifestyle Medicine team every week for extra support for your weight loss success. Bring your questions to the Q&A session; we are ready to help you to succeed.

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1. Healthy habits for weight loss

Every journey starts with one step - join us to develop skills in goal setting and forming healthy habits for long term success, including a Q&A session with our expert panel.

2. Good food for weight loss

Mediterranean, Paleo or Low Carb - confused as to which one works best? We’ll demystify these popular diets and give you practical tips on choosing one that might work best for you. Our team will also answer your questions.

3. Movement for weight loss

Breaking a sweat at the thought of exercise? We’ll explore why physical activity is great for your health and can help achieve your weight loss goals. Our experts will also have a chance to answer your questions.

4. Sleep and weight loss

Broken sleep is linked to weight gain. Our experts will break down the do’s and don'ts when it comes to good quality sleep and tackle some of your questions on the topic.

5. Stress management for weight loss

Stress has become an increasingly common part of our daily lives and can lead to weight gain. Join our experts to understand why and gain some top tips to help manage stress and get answers to your questions.