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Tadalafil tablets
Tadalafil is an oral tablet (brand name Cialis) used for erectile dysfunction.
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What is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). It increases blood flow to the penis, helping you to achieve an erection.

It's a cheaper, non-branded version of the ED drug Cialis. What's the difference between branded and non-branded medicine? Only the name and the price. If the active ingredient and the dosage are the same, the treatments will work in exactly the same way and have the same effects. Tadalafil and Cialis both contain the same active ingredient but Tadalafil is significantly cheaper.

Tadalafil also comes under our Subscribe and Save service, which means you can get an additional discount of at least 15% with each repeat order.

What is Tadalafil used for?

Tadalafil is primarily used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

It can also be used in the management of prostate and lung conditions.

How does Tadalafil work?

Tadalafil is known as a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE-5 inhibitor). It blocks the effects of the PDE enzyme, increasing blood flow to the penis by relaxing the blood vessels. This increased blood flow can help men to achieve and maintain an erection hard enough for sexual activity. When taken as prescribed, Tadalafil tablets are generally 60-70% effective.

You won't get an erection just from taking Tadalafil. In order for it to work, you need to be sexually aroused.

Like all ED medicines, there's a chance Tadalafil may not work the first time. We'd recommend trying Tadalafil on up to four separate occasions to find out whether it's effective for you.

How to take Tadalafil tablets

Take one Tadalafil tablet at least 30 minutes before sexual activity. Avoid alcohol as this can disrupt the effectiveness of the treatment.

Never take more than one tablet within 24 hours and do not combine it with other ED medicines.

Feel free to contact our clinical team through your online patient record if you have any other questions about how to take Tadalafil.

Tadalafil dosage

Tadalafil comes in two different dosages: 10mg and 20mg. The standard dose is 10mg and will most likely be the dosage our clinicians will prescribe. We may recommend trying the higher dose of 20mg if you've already tried the 10mg pill without achieving the desired results.

You can also get Tadalafil Daily, an ED pill that you take every day so you're always prepared for sex, which comes in two dosages: 2.5mg and 5mg.

What is Tadalafil Daily?

Tadalafil is an ED pill you take only when you need it, when you're planning to have sex.

Tadalafil Daily is an ED pill you take every day which will support you to get an erection at any time so you can enjoy those spontaneous moments. If you plan to have sex at least twice a week, Tadalafil Daily may be a good option for you.

Our clinicians can prescribe both Tadalafil and Tadalafil Daily so whichever treatment is right for you, we can help.

Find out more about our ED treatment service.

How to take Tadalafil Daily

Take one pill every day at the same time. You should notice its effect within 3-5 days but remember, you'll need to be sexually aroused for it to work.

Never take more than one Tadalafil Daily tablet each day and do not combine it with other ED medicines.

Is Tadalafil effective?

In patients with erectile dysfunction, 60%-70% of patients will see a positive outcome from the use of Tadalafil. Tadalafil Daily can take around 3-5 days to reach peak concentration and deliver effective results.

What are the main side effects of Tadalafil?

Like all ED medicines, Tadalafil comes with the possibility of side effects. Please ensure you read the treatment plan we send and the Patient Information Leaflet for full details on possible side effects before taking Tadalafil.

Common side effects include headache, lightheadedness, facial flushing, stuffy nose, indigestion, and a pounding heartbeat.

Chest pain is an uncommon, but potentially serious, side effect. If you experience chest pain during or after sexual intercourse, get in a semi-sitting position and try to relax. If you continue to experience pain after 15 minutes then call the emergency services.

Prolonged and painful erections are a rare side effect. If you experience this and it lasts for more than four hours, you should contact a doctor immediately.

Tadalafil Daily side effects: you are likely to experience similar side effects when taking Tadalafil Daily as with the Tadalafil tablet you take when you need to. Although please note, if you've been taking Tadalafil Daily for at least a few weeks, it will take longer for the drug to leave your body after you stop taking it.

If you're concerned about any side effects you experience, please contact us through your online patient record.

What else should I know about Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is not suitable if you're using nitrate based medicines, for e.g. isosorbide mononitrate, GTN spray or if you're using poppers recreationally. This is because a combination of ED medicines and nitrate based drugs can result in a potentially fatal drop in blood pressure.

Grapefruit can increase the risk of experiencing side effects. It's best to avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice whilst taking Tadalafil or Tadalafil Daily and for a few days after you stop taking it.

What are alternative ED treatments?

Tadalafil is an effective and cheap ED medicine, with effects that can last up to 36 hours.

There are a range of other ED treatments also available. If you need help choosing an ED treatment that's right for you, we can help.

Find out more about our ED treatments.

What are the non-drug alternatives to Tadalafil?

If you're suffering with erectile dysfunction, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to help:

If stress and anxiety could be a contributing factor, please speak to your GP about the possibility of counselling or behavioural support therapy.

Visit our ED lifestyle medicine pages for more information and advice.

Finally, the use of vacuum erection and implant devices can be an option for some men. Please speak to your GP for more information on these alternative treatment options.

Long-term side effects with Tadalafil

Is Tadalafil physically addictive? Currently, there is no evidence that Tadalafil or any other medicines used to treat erectile dysfunction are physically addictive.

Unlike other medicines — e.g. opioids — you don't need to worry about physical addiction or suffering with withdrawal effects if you decide to suddenly stop taking it.

Can I become psychologically dependent? No evidence has emerged concerning developing any form of dependence or tolerance with long-term use of ED medicines like Tadalafil when used appropriately at normal doses.

However, if used incorrectly to boost sexual performance then there is the potential of negative side effects and psychological dependence.

It is important not to use ED medicines inappropriately.

Where can I buy Tadalafil?

You need a prescription to get non-branded Tadalafil or Cialis. Your GP can prescribe Tadalafil for you or you can request it online through our discreet, convenient online doctor service.

You can also buy Cialis Together 10mg tablets over the counter from your local pharmacy or online without a prescription.

You don't need to make an appointment with us or talk to anyone directly. Get the advice and treatment you need for your ED without any awkwardness or embarrassment.

Simply fill out our quick online questionnaire and get the ED treatment you need. If suitable, we can prescribe medicine for collection or to be delivered in discreet packaging in as little as two days.

We also offer Tadalafil on our Subscribe and Save service. Why Subscribe and Save? Receive your ED repeat prescription for up to 12 months without needing to do a thing. No repeat ordering, no extra consultations, no hassle. Just the treatment you need, there when you need it. And you'll save at least 15% each time.

How long does Tadalafil last?

The effects of Tadalafil can last for up to 36 hours. This is why it's sometimes known as the 'weekend pill'. If you take Tadalafil on a Friday evening, it could support you to get an erection throughout the weekend.

Will Tadalafil make me last longer in bed?

Tadalifil is unlikely to increase the amount of time you're able to have sex. Tadalafil works by supporting your body to function the way it would naturally when you feel aroused (in other words, to get an erection that lasts until orgasm). It doesn't make you last longer or have more orgasms.

Erectile dysfunction is not the same as premature ejaculation. If you're experiencing premature ejaculation, we can help.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction (ED), sometimes referred to as 'impotence', is used to describe when a man struggles to get and/or maintain an erection. ED usually occurs due to a combination of reduced blood flow to the penis and possible performance anxiety. It's often thought to mainly affect older men but it can affect any age group and many younger men experience ED.

What causes ED?

Reduced flexibility and blood flow in the arteries of the penis is the main physical factor in ED.

Men with underlying health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or depression may also experience ED as an associated symptom. Smokers are at higher risk than non-smokers of experiencing erectile dysfunction. Men who drink large amounts of alcohol are at increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

Find out more about ED.

What's the difference between Tadalafil and Cialis?

Tadalafil and Cialis both include the same active ingredient, tadalafil, and have the same effects. The only difference is the name, the branding and the price.

Because it is a branded medicine, Cialis tends to be more expensive, whereas Tadalafil offers a cheaper alternative for the same treatment. We also offer Tadalafil on our Subscribe and Save service, which offers even greater savings. With Subscribe and Save, you can get your repeat prescription of Tadalafil automatically for up to 12 months without needing another consultation, and you'll save at least 15% each time.


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